Our Vision

The vision of our youth programs is to assist youth to become deeply committed followers of Jesus Christ who love God, care for each other, and serve in the world.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to bring young people together in a life of faith, fellowship, and action and to address spiritual, emotional, and social needs unique to youth.  We create a safe space for our young people to gather and share their lives with each other and caring adult mentors.

Our Mission

We bring youth and adults together to build meaningful relationships with each other and with God.  Our ministry provides opportunity to encounter Christ and serve God through mission trips and service projects while growing better disciples of Christ.  Through worship, activities, and conversation, we explore our faith, grow in fellowship, and develop Christ-like lives





Every Tuesday, from 01/10/2023 to 02/07/2023, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

819 E. Silver Spring Dr, Whitefish Bay, WI US 53217

More Details

Youth Group

Helping the next generation explore and exercise their faith
  • Students from middle and high school meet regularly during the school year 
  • Typically, we meet in Wednesday and Sunday nights 
  • For deeper discussions, the group is often split into age-appropriate dialog
  • We also do mission.  Check our event calendar for the next opportunity

Sunday School - it's not just about the doughnuts

Sunday School for 6th and 7th grade students
  • We lay the groundwork for confirmation as an 8th grader
  • We do a survey of the bible, one testament each year
  • As students enter confirmation, they have a better understanding for more in-depth study and faith reflection
  • Middle School Sunday School happens each week, during the school year, at 10:30 

Confirmation for the 8th grade students

Confirmation is a Christian tradition for bringing our youngest members into the church
  • Students in 8th grade start confirmation in the fall and finish with a special worship service in the spring
  • During confirmation, we study the bible, probe our faith, and go on overnight retreats
  • Confirmation is a principle path to membership in the church
  • Talk to the pastoral staff if you would like to be part of the next class

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