Inspired by Christ’s example, the United Methodist Church has a long history of advocating for social justice, from the founders through early Methodists who expressed their opposition to slavery, smuggling, inhumane prison conditions, alcohol abuse and child labor. Today, we work, march and pray for peace, racial justice, environmental care, and fair treatment for everyone.

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Church and Society

We understand that Christ’s call to transform the world involves personal, social and civic righteousness. The mission of the C&S team is to promote systemic change – institutional reform that transforms a particular system to achieve peace and justice in our world. The members of C&S advocate and educate for issues such as immigration; health care; environment and climate; civil, human and voting rights; incarceration and prisons; peace; and poverty and hunger.

The C&S team is a member of the Reconciling Ministries Network. The network is committed to intersectional justice across and beyond the United Methodist connection, working for the full participation of all LGBTQ+ people throughout the life and leadership of the Church.

The Church and Society and Racial Diversity teams spearheaded the church’s membership in Milwaukee Inner-city Congregations Allied for Hope (MICAH). The organization is a multi-racial, interfaith organization committed to justice issues of greatest importance to Milwaukee residents.

Racial Diversity

The Racial Diversity Team is a racial justice group whose mission is: 

to understand, acknowledge and confront the racial inequities, ideas and beliefs present in ourselves, our congregation and our society, and to fulfill our Christian calling to love, care and seek justice for those impacted by inequities.

Our four goals are to:

Pray for change
Listen and learn about racial diversity and justice
Engage with our racially diverse neighbors, and 
Act as advocates for justice

We work within our church and community to offer educational programs on racial justice, advocate for racial equity, and experience and share diverse culture, art and history.  We also seek to better understand our own privilege and bias by listening to and learning from our black and brown neighbors.